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Reunite is the ultimate tool for planning and coordinating family, high school, college, company or military reunions. This easy-to-use software program organizes information into concise records, drastically reducing paperwork. It features a complete address book, integrated mail merge, budget planner, mailing labels, photo name badges and much, much more. It can save hours of labor!

Our software is available for both Macintosh and Window users (see system requirements on the DOWNLOAD page), and can be downloaded from our website to your computer. You can download and try the program for FREE! The demo is restricted to a maximum of 10 directory records, and only requires an unlocking code to be fully functional.

* College, high school, family or company reunion planning
* Built-in questionnaire form
* Built-in spell checker
* Automated backup scheduling
* Budget Module to track income and expenses
* Events Module to store an unlimited number of functions
* Task Module for keeping track of 'Things To Do'
* Lodging Module tracks information on local accommodations
* Sales Module for selling souvenir items
* Track alumni's marital status, children, occupation, email and more
* Multiple export and import options (tab, csv, merge and Excel)
* Send a bulk email to everyone in the directory
* 2 photo fields (past and present)
* Print photo name badges
* Print Memory and Memorial Booklets
* Much, much more ...

As of August, 2017 we have made Reunite free to registered customers, and you can order the program at Minutiae Software's Online Store by filling out a registration request form. After filling out the form, a personal registration code will be emailed to you.

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